A comprehensive and customised solution for Renewable Marine Energies

Comprehensive solutions for Marine & Offshore renewable energy project :

Neopolia brings together more than 105 industrial companies that combine their know-how to respond in an innovative way to the needs of the MRE market.

Neopolia offers 5 integrated solutions for MRE projects :

  • Project development support
  • EPCI Fix & Floating Foundations 
  • Offshore installation support
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • System Health Monitoring

Our added value is based on :

Neopolia provides you with the best offers by businesses from Marine & Offshore Renewables :


  • Vibratory analysis
  • Material fatigue – concrete, steel, composites
  • Marine load & chemical behaviour - foundation, machines, cables
  • Damage assessment – forecasting, appraisal
  • Safety at sea - traffic, weather conditions
  • Electrical incorporation, communication
  • Supervision, statistical analysis, big-data management

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Multi-skills specifications formulation, not technology dependant
  • Monitoring system design, incorporation, commissioning & maintenance
  • Maintenance decision making tools & threshold calibration